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Digital Marketing Manager

Team member, Jodie Baker


Digital Marketing Manager

Hello there!

Tell us about your employment before Framework…

Prior to Framework, I worked at a different Nottingham digital marketing agency that specialised in local marketing for service industries. But my first marketing job was spending 4 years leading the marketing strategy for a chain of confectionery stores. I have to admit, it was way more fun promoting sweets than it was concrete or skip hire. 

Tell us about some of your biggest achievements

One of my biggest, professional achievements to date was convincing Stephan, Paul and Luke to let me join Framework Design to start a digital marketing team! So far so good… the team has gone from strength to strength and we have had some fantastic feedback from clients. 

Outside of my work life, I would say my biggest achievement was moving to and living in Germany for a year. My German is still terrible but at least I now know I can rock a dirndl and I can belt out an Oktoberfest drinking song or 2 on request (requests don’t happen that often). 

What are your goals for the future?

The ultimate goal is to grow the Framework digital marketing team so we fill up an office of our own! I would also like myself and the team to work on more charity projects so we can put our skills to great use and do some good in the world. 

On a personal level, I would absolutely love to one day complete a CIM Professional Marketing qualification and become a chartered marketer! I have a passion for learning, and obtaining some extra jazzy letters next to my name would be cool too. 

But the end goal for me is to own 2 sausage dogs called Bert and Benny. That’s the real dream. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Life is all about balance. I love to go to the pub but to maintain this hobby, I also have to love exercise. In my pre-pandemic life, I somehow managed to run 5 half marathons in 4 years. Also, like anyone else, I love travelling but I’m on a personal mission to visit every country in Europe. I’m currently on 15/44.

Can you tell us a fun fact about you?

My birthday is on the greatest day of the year; Halloween. That means, thanks to fake blood and face paint, I’ve never once looked nice on my birthday. However, It does mean everyone is usually up for celebrating and the party theme is already sorted. 

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