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Senior Developer

Team member, Jordan Peck


Senior Developer


Walk us through your education and career prior to joining Framework…

I studied web development at the University of Staffordshire, and although I had no real knowledge of coding, I thought it would be an interesting industry to get into and allow me to let my creativity shine. I ended up loving my time on the course and quickly realised I was quite good at it! I came away with a first, and my web development career began from there.

Before joining the Framework team, I worked on bespoke WordPress development and headless vue projects. I also have a background of working on e-commerce platforms, web design, creating storefront experiences and providing custom web solutions.

What are you most proud of achieving this year?

I’m really proud of the work I have done in the past year to develop my skills further. I have put in the hours both during the working day and in my spare time to learn more and really hone my skills.   

Tell us about your career goals

My career goals are to just always keep learning and working on expanding my skill set. One day I would love to run my own digital agency, but for the moment I am enjoying being creative and working with a wide range of clients with different approaches to business.

What do you enjoying doing with your spare time?

I really enjoy heading to the gym after work to clear my head after a full-on day! I also love going to gigs, catching a film at the cinema, watching football matches, and seeing friends in all of these scenarios! I’m really looking forward to the time when it is safe to do all these things again! 

Share a fun fact about you!

An interesting fact about me is that I used to have my own clothing line, for which I did all the designs, photography and set up. If you’re curious, here it is- Swim To Shore Apparel (@swimtoshoreapparel) • Instagram photos and videos

 It was a really fun experience and a good business learning curve for me. Oh and Boy George followed me, so I think you could say that I made it!

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