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Head of Creative Development

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Head of Creative Development


Tell us a bit about your employment history…
I  am a self-taught web developer, having received no formal education in this field. However, I have always enjoyed tinkering with different dev elements and learning as I go along. Fast forward a few years and jobs later, and my depth of understanding and experience is pretty impressive (oh, I’m modest too!) I began my dev career working in-house as a web developer, before joining Framework Design as a frontend web developer 3 years ago.

Tell us about a career highlight or something that you’re proud of
I would say something I am most proud of was when I launched the TEK site. This was a pretty big task from my side because it was curated in a very precise way. So I definitely felt like that was a big achievement and I’m pleased with how that all went.

A highlight has also been my work on creating large design systems over the year, for instance, systems built on Sytner and Spectrum which are able to scale extremely fast. 

What would you like to work on in the future?
In the future, I would love to work with large established brands that are looking to push the boundaries a bit. I think that would be really fun to work on.

In five years time, I see myself having worked on a handful of these kinds of projects, and helping to lead the rest of the team in the same direction.

Additionally, I am very interested in VFX. In fact, this was my main passion before web development. I definitely see VFX as a creative outlet for me and it allows me to merge the technical and creative side of filmmaking. I’ve taken this merging of technical and creative into the work I do at Framework Design. Having worked on both sides of a digital agency with design and development, I source my ideas from both experiences.

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