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Technical Director

Paul2 Portrait


Technical Director

Paul here!

Tell us about your career and your goals up to now?
Before joining Framework I honed my development skill set at a high level, nationally and internationally, working with brands big and small, yet my biggest career goal is having a happy, fulfilled team. As cliché as it sounds, good work always comes from happy people. It’s up to myself, Luke & Stephan to ensure our team works in a cheerful, lovely and supportive environment to enable them to produce the best of themselves.

And then personally, if I could own an electric bike that would be swish too.

Share with us some of your favourite past times…
One of my favourite past times is scoring a good goal and screaming my own name in celebration. Then post-football there is nothing better than a cool, refreshing pint of milk. Also, anyone who’s met me knows I enjoy a glug of BlueDrink™ and some chicken dippers. Food of legends.

Tell us a personal or career highlight?
I  once worked in a bar and a couple came in and ordered two drinks.  I reminded them that there was a buy one get one free offer in place. Long story short, I saved them the cost of 1 full-priced drink! Not all heroes wear capes. Although they didn’t tip me.

And of course, co-owning Framework!

Share a fun fact about you?
Myself, my buddy Gareth Gates and our other celebrity friends were once in a football team together. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof.

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