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Team Elite Kickboxing (TEK)

Team Elite Kickboxing (TEK) is a multi award-winning kickboxing academy based in Nottingham. TEK got in touch with Framework Design to work on a full brand development, including the design of marketing collateral and the creation of a set of brand guidelines. Additionally, TEK required a full website redesign and the creation of video content for the site.

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The team elite kickboxing logo on an orange background

The Framework Design team worked with TEK to develop their brand. The goal was to make TEK more easily recognisable and to evolve the brand into a more modern representation of the academy today. The design team worked with TEK to test new colours and styles for the brand and produced designs for flyers and leaflets that TEK could use to advertise.

A major aspect of the brand development process was the reworking of TEK’s original mark. The TEK mark was inspired by the oriental origins of martial arts but didn’t fully fit with the modern, energetic personality of TEK. Our designers developed the mark into a stronger, more impactful symbol that was then made into a stamp to be used on merchandise, marketing materials, and across the website. 

A collage of branding elements for TEK

Brand guidelines were also produced for TEK to allow them to easily distribute the instructions to manufacturers and team members, so that all elements of the brand can be consistently represented

TEK brand guidelines
Graphics made of TEK students performing different moves or standing with awards
A mixture of images used on TEK's instagram as stories
A blue poster with the words 'make an impact', showing a person performing a highkick
A poster in blue with the words 'hit your target' and two people fighting in protective kickboxing gear
Three banners advertising TEK in red, blue and yellow
A pink Aboard advertising TEK kickboxing
A blue pull up banner advertising TEK kickboxing
A blue Aboard advertising TEK kickboxing
Images of various TEK fliers advertising the kickboxing classes
A blue TEK t-shirt on a light blue background
TEK posters, business card and brochure
An image showing various pages of the TEK grading book

TEK had requested a brand-led website that would capture the essence of the academy and the skills that they encourage. The Framework designers worked to produce a site design that visually represented the brand and also created a look and feel that demonstrated speed, precision, and agility. 

TEK awards page on website

The site uses action-shot photography within graphics, also incorporating thin lines to provide a feeling of fast-paced movement, and small dots to represent precision. The use of sharp lines and strong colours throughout the site served to emphasise the bold and energetic personality of the TEK team.

A collage showing the different pages on the TEK website
The TEK website header designs
A n image showing the ecommerce store on the TEK site

TEK also requested some videos that could be used on the website to demonstrate their core values; capturing the skill and energy of the TEK academy, whilst also appealing to a varied audience. The Framework team worked with TEK to gather video footage of people of different ages and genders performing kickboxing techniques and exercises, which was then edited into a selection of fast-paced videos. 

Then during post-production, the design team utilised the brand colours to give the video impact, with the backgrounds using a dark blue hue and all the martial arts movements standing out in eye-catching red.  The final products are fast, energetic, and demonstrate the skill and precision of the TEK team. 

Watch the video below.

A lady kickboxing

"This is a team that we cannot recommend enough. A passionate, energetic and personal team who really do care about your project."