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From E-commerce websites to CRM systems, software integration and beyond, our web developers produce digital solutions that are robust, secure and offer long-term support for all your business needs.

Let us build the foundation of your next digital idea.

An eye-catching design is no longer the most important factor to consider when creating a new website.

A great performing website also includes cross-device functionality, rapid page speed, co-operating applications and usability. All of these play important roles in ensuring that your website is not only operational but also appears in search engines and entices your users to come back for a second, third or fourth look – regardless of what device they use. All of these can be achieved when a solid foundation of web development from Framework Design is in place. 

However, Framework Design isn’t just about website building (although website design is one of our main passions). Our web development services come in many forms such as creating an internal portal for your staff to easily access resources, or constructing a platform that integrates your existing back catalogue of microsites. We can also deliver business automation services that aim to get rid of those pesky, labour-intensive tasks. If your business wants to achieve something digitally, our developers are on hand to help. 

Like all services offered by Framework Design, our web development process starts with you. Our talented web developers take the time to understand your company requirements and ensure a system is developed that is most beneficial to you. Then combine forces with our design team, Framework’s web developers create ideas that can be brought across from a flat design into a digital landscape. Key user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) considerations, such as sitemaps, user flow and brand identity, are agreed between departments before any build starts taking place.  

Primarily operating in programming languages PHP and javascript, our team of developers have expert knowledge in the following platforms;

  • Craft
  • Drupal
  • Laravel
  • Magento
  • WordPress

We understand that website development can be a serious investment. In a world where technology and user expectations are always evolving, we promise all platforms we develop will support you in the long-term. Our Nottingham web developers keep their fingers on the pulse of technological advancements and cutting-edge software, meaning your new digital platform will be able to serve your customers or employees for many years to come. 

All our digital platforms also come with safe, reliable and high-performing web hosting. You can find out more about website hosting services here. 

If you require a web developer in Nottingham to bring your digital ideas to life, then look no further than Framework Design. Get in touch with our team of web developers today to discuss your needs.

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“The Development team at Framework create user-driven experiences, helping brands introduce their ideas to the digital audience.”


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