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Taking The FA Women's Website to a New League.

The FA has made huge strides in creating opportunities for women and girls to play football in England. 

Following the triumphant success of the Lionesses in the Euros, women’s football has reached an unprecedented level of popularity. Attendances have risen across the board, with all but one Women’s Super League club hosting matches in their main stadium. As part of their continued awareness efforts, the FA had a new goal to reach a broader audience with fresh marketing assets.

TMG, who work closely with the FA on film, campaigns and events, approached Framework to design and develop the website in preparation for the upcoming Women’s World Cup 2023. 

The Goal.

To design and build a website in time for the Women’s World Cup in order to capture global attention and elevate the growth of women’s football in England and beyond.

The Process.

Drawing inspiration from the electric atmosphere surrounding the Euros, we integrated interactive elements, social media content, and real-time updates to help bring the tournament to life. We served up engaging content on fixtures, results, and team profiles to ignite a passion for women’s football.


Our creative journey involved designing and developing a website that showcased bold and vibrant colours, impactful imagery, and captivating typography. Our objective was to create a user-friendly virtual home stadium that allowed fans to navigate with ease. By integrating live match updates using an Opta API and incorporating engaging player profiles, we transformed website visitors into active participants. To ensure search engine visibility, we optimised the website accordingly and conducted extensive testing to provide a flawless experience.

MM_Phone_PH-E-06 cropped – Optimised

The FA’s new Women’s website has been completely transformed and is ready to unite fans around the globe. By fostering visitor engagement, we successfully transformed fans into active participants, establishing a vibrant community of passionate football fanatics. You can see the result for yourself here.