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Speedo is an international swimwear brand well-known across the globe for producing a multitude of different sportswear and accessories. Speedo partnered with Framework Design to work on their brand strategy, carry out web development services, and develop a new online system called Swim Coach.

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The Framework Design team initially began working with Speedo to develop a brand strategy for their digital estate. Our team began by examining Speedo’s brand positioning and also conducted competitor research and research into Speedo’s target audiences.

Various snapshots of the Speedo website- Specifically their range of training aids
Various snapshots of the Speedo website

Speedo’s main goal for their new brand strategy was to find a way of bringing together all of their digital estate, as they had a number of separate sites for training, different product launches, and their blog. The Framework team worked to deliver a plan that would ensure that everything was properly transferred into one domain, allowing Speedo to have a more cohesive digital offering.

Speedo website snap shot of Leisure page
Speedo website showing the racing swimwear
The Speedo website showing the benefits of their swim suit

Having established a strategy to allow Speedo to unite their digital estate, the Framework developers began to put the plan into action. Due to the size of the project, conventional website platforms did not have the capacity needed to achieve a united digital estate for a company as vast as Speedo. As a result, the Framework development team worked to build a bespoke component-based system that would allow Speedo to easily programme their website and piece their digital estate together. The component system was made up of easy to use modules that allowed text, images and other elements to be installed.

A collage of snapshot of the Speedo website
A collage of the Speedo customer personas
The master overview plans for the Speedo website

our developers also worked on several international websites for Speedo that were then rolled out in a variety of languages, enabling Speedo to reach their customers all across the globe.

A gif of the Speedo branding and design process
A gif of the Speedo customer personas
A set of fastskin goggles deconstructed

The Framework Design team also produced a mobile-first online system for Speedo, called Swim Coach. This was a free digital coaching tool that sat alongside Speedo’s e-commerce offerings and allowed swimming enthusiasts to view and download swim plans, as well as plans for other fitness activities such as yoga and cycling.

A snapshot of Speedo swimcoach website home page
A snapshot of Speedo swimcoach
A snapshot of Speedo swimcoach workouts
A snapshot of Speedo swimcoach

Swim Coach was a bespoke solution designed on Laravel using flexible fields technology, which allowed the Speedo team to create and add new workouts on demand.

Speedo swimcoach icons