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NHS - Think Dads Campaign

Think Dads, an initiative under the NHS umbrella SSBC, approached Framework with a mission to amplify the voices of fathers in the early years of parenthood. The goal was to challenge stereotypes and foster an understanding of the pivotal role fathers play in child development. Our task was to create a compelling video-focused campaign that would resonate with diverse audiences and engender an emotional and evocative response.

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Master Film

We conceptualised and produced a master film that celebrated the experiences and emotions of fathers during the early stages of parenting. The film featured authentic, heartfelt stories that highlighted the joys and challenges fathers face.

Social Media Cuts

Recognising the importance of reaching a wider audience, we edited specific cuts of the master film for various social media platforms. These shorter, shareable videos allowed for broader dissemination of the campaign’s message.

Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising

To maximise the campaign’s impact, we designed eye-catching OOH advertisements that showcased key visuals and messaging at strategic locations.


The SSBC – Think Dads campaign received overwhelming praise, with the client describing our work as “phenomenal” and noting that it went beyond their expectations. The videos’ authenticity resonated with viewers, sparking meaningful conversations about the role of fathers in early childhood development. The campaign’s impact is expected to endure for years, reshaping perceptions and providing much-needed support for fathers.

"The creative work is just phenomenal, you’ve listened to everything we wanted and produced something just so far beyond. The video stories are authentic and will truly make a difference for many years to come."

Cara Thompson, SSBC - Think Dads.