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Boo Burger

Boo Burger is a fast-food restaurant with locations in Leicester and Loughborough and upcoming locations in Manchester and Nottingham. Boo Burger supplies a variety of burger joint classics with their own unique style, from delicious burgers and fries, to sides and shakes. Boo Burger needed a new website that would capture the evolution and expansion of the brand, as well as new photography to use across their site and external ordering systems.

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The Framework Design team led discovery sessions with Boo Burger to work on repositioning the brand to better connect with their target customers and capture the company’s personality. This newly positioned brand was then carried through to the website and to the external ordering platforms.


The site was designed to deliver more of the company’s personality and energy. Boo Burger had wanted their website to appeal to a youthful audience, so the site was designed with energetic popping colours and a clean, modern interface that uses photography showing customers and employees in the restaurants, as well as showcasing the menu offerings.


Boo Burger wanted some new, fresh photography that could be used on the website and across their other platforms. Framework’s lead designer, Jim, and Account Manager, Nathan, visited Boo Burger’s location in Leicester for a day of photography. Our Lead Designer, Jim, comments:

​​’This was a job that was the envy of the whole Framework team… myself and Account manager Nathan, were tasked with shooting the photography to populate Boo’s brand new website. We enlisted the help of revered food photographer Marcus Holdsworth and worked alongside him to get the best shots of the fun, vibrant employees and customers at Boo. As well as lifestyle photography, great care was taken to ensure we shot the delicious burgers at their absolute best too, we had to make sure they looked as good as they tasted… and they tasted bloody amazing!’


Boo Burger wanted their restaurants to bring the community together through food. Product and lifestyle photography was a great way to capture that ethos, and allow it to be representative of the business as part of their digital identity.

The Development

The Framework Development team began work to build the new Boo Burger website. WordPress was the CMS of choice for this project due to its ease of use, flexibility, and the client’s familiarity with it. At Framework, we use Tailwind CSS to build out our projects and Boo Burger was the first project that used the Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler introduced in v2 of Tailwind. 


The JIT compiler enables the compilation of production-ready CSS in milliseconds and support for an array of variants and arbitrary values which further reduces additional overhead by removing the need to create custom utility classes for an uncommon value, e.g. a specific pixel value.


The Boo Burger website features eye-catching photography, animation, and a colourful horizontal marquee to draw attention to the recent happenings at Boo Burger.