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A illustrated dog-man sits in a fiery room with an expression like everything is fine although it is not fine
A shot of the Lost city adventure golf entrance screen

Lost City Adventure Golf

Lost City Adventure Golf is an explorer themed indoor mini-golf course with locations in Nottingham, Belfast, and Hull, UK. The Lost City team asked Framework Design to complete a full redesign on the company website, which was to include the creation of new illustrations and animations, and the implementation of third-party software for booking and payment purposes. 

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Various screen shots of the Lost City Adventure Golf website showing different course pages

The Framework design team began working with Lost City to establish the overall goal for the website design. The new site needed to be easy to navigate and offer a user-friendly experience; additionally the Lost City team wanted the look and feel of the site to mirror the adventure themes of the golf courses themselves. A core goal was also to create a design that attracted more of the young adult demographic, thereby helping to encourage more students and young people to book in.  The design team worked to create a site that incorporated different aspects of the golf courses into the visual appearance. We used neutral colours such as khaki green and light mauve, with occasional pops of orange and red, to capture the feel of an adventure film. We also used video clips and images of the courses themselves to capture the atmosphere of Lost City Adventure Golf.


Additionally, the design team worked on new illustrations and animations for the Lost City website. Illustrations were created in the style of ancient etchings to further capture the theme of exploration. We used graphics to provide both a visual and tactile experience, for instance, we used leaves at the top of the page to mimic an explorer’s first glimpse of a temple through the jungle brush. Throughout the site, we also used graphics of skulls and reptiles to further bring the theme to life. Animations were also used, for example, the Lost City logo outer board spins while the page loads to give the user a feeling of the entrance to the experience being unlocked, and again serves to fit the theme of exploration and adventure. 

3 rune-style circular icons in green, red and yellow, each one signifying a location for Lost City Adventure Golf
Lost City Adventure Golf 6 icons with ancient style illustrations

Development work on the website was done to implement the new designs provided by the design team. Additionally, Lost City had asked for a way of integrating 3rd party software to their existing website, so that an online booking system and payment gateway could be applied. The Framework developers were able to assist with this request by building a website separate from the company’s existing WordPress site. This would be solely responsible for containing the booking and payment software. The new site was built on Laravel and the developers implemented TakePayments and Fusemetrix, to provide a payment gateway and booking system. This meant that Lost city could easily process payments and offer organised real-time booking to their customers. 

A collage of screen shots from the Lost City Adventure Golf booking page
Lost City Adventure Golf collage of shots from the website
Screen shots of the Lost City Adventure Golf website showing the courses page, pricing page and discount area
Lost City Adventure Golf - tiki bar section and the sign up for the newsletter
Lost City Adventure Golf
Three banners advertising TEK in red, blue and yellow

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