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A illustrated dog-man sits in a fiery room with an expression like everything is fine although it is not fine
An illustration from Warhammer showing 3 orcs with battle shootas surrounded by fire

Rogueside - Warhammer 40K: Shootas, Blood & Teef

Framework Design were approached by Rogueside, a games developer based in Belgium, to create a website for their new online Warhammer 40K game: Shootas, Blood & Teef. During this project, our design and development teams worked together with the client’s asset creator to deliver an authentic Warhammer experience that needed a quick turn around to meet the game’s release.

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The website design needed to be immersive and interactive to match the energy of the game experience. Most of all, the design needed to be authentically Warhammer and match the look and feel of the original game. The Framework design team led discovery sessions with the client to establish the overall look and needs of the website, and then collaborated with Roguesides design team to gather branded assets for use on the site. 

The Framework designers began to put together a design for the overall site. We wanted the site to be as immersive as possible, and so numerous  animated assets were used to provide a gameplay-like experience. For instance, we implemented a custom cursor of a cross hair, which when the user clicks, shows a small explosion as if a shoota has been fired.  Additionally, we added a preloader of a weaponised crocodile to the site design to keep the theme constant even while the site is loading. 

warhammer pages

One key feature of this website was the use of parallax to make visual elements move across the screen at different speeds. This was used in the header and also for elements placed horizontally across the page.  These highly curated microinteractions made the site as interactive as possible.

The developers also added a custom smooth scroll to the website to provide a consistent experience across browsers and mimic the experience of working your way to the end of a video game. Moreover, as the brief required the website to be just one page, the smooth scroll functionality was key in helping users digest multiple pieces of information about the game. 

warhammer 40,000
read more warhammer orange button with pointing severed hand
floating bullets, bones, screws and teef
A part of the warhammer site with armoured crocodile asset in use
latest news section - warhammer 40,000 website
newsletter sign in - warhammer
warhammer website showing an orc looking over at a castle in the distance, red skies and smoke all around
warhammer website, a view of the site on a mobile
multiplayer - warhammer

Rogueside had requested a way to encourage users to sign up to their newsletters. In response, the development team implemented a custom mailchimp integration at the bottom of the page to allow users to easily sign up to correspondence.

a collage of page sections from the warhammer shootas, blood and teef website