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A illustrated dog-man sits in a fiery room with an expression like everything is fine although it is not fine
A collage of Team17 website pages


For over 30 years the award-winning indie games label, Team17, have been working with independent creatives worldwide, producing over 110 games including the extremely popular Worms series. They approached Framework Design for a new website that reflected their fun and energetic personality, while also integrating with their existing digital portfolio. 

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The Team17 games search page
The Team17 news page showing various articles
A screenshot showing a games carousel used on the Team17 site
A screenshot of the game search page with focus on the game 'Going Under'

Team17 were looking for a total rehaul of their website. They wanted a site that better reflected the personality of the brand, whilst improving user experience and accessibility across multiple platforms. With all this in mind, the Framework Design development team chose to build the bones of the website on WordPress, following a mobile-first approach to ensure that the site would be fully responsive and accessible via any device. 

The Team17 website shown displayed on mobile devices

The design team at Framework worked closely with Team17 to understand their vision for the site. The process was completed with an emphasis on a brand-led experience that fully reflected Team17 and its fun and vibrant identity. The Framework designers delivered wireframes and prototypes of the site, implementing full design once Team17 were happy with all aspects of the website.

A screenshot of the Team17 page for the game 'Moving Out'

Imagery from the extensive portfolio of different games that Team17 have produced was used and combined to create artwork that stood out on the page. This was emphasised by our animation studio with the use of short animations to enhance the overall look.

Team17 graphic humanoid plant pot with bonzai tree
Team17 worms graphic

Development work on the website involved a number of key features including 3rd party integrations so that the main website could be connected to Team17’s existing investor, recruitment and e-commerce sites. The Team17 site was also installed with age gates for certain game pages and a secure login system for the press area.

A screenshot of the Team17 games page with search filters

Team17 also were interested in improving brand awareness so required a dedicated newsletter sign-up form to help reach their goal of expanding their mailing list, as well as a new placement of their social media links to increase their followings. 

Team17 'become a teamster' button
Personal details fields for Team17 site
Cookies banner for Team17 site
Screen shots of the Team17 website
A screenshot of the Team17 user page
A screenshot of the Team17 'past and current projects' page
Team 17 game cards for 'Blasphemous' and 'moving out'
The job search box for Team17 website
The newsletter sign up on the Team17 site

The redesign of the site also incorporated custom slider animations and bespoke scroll animations to make the site more interactive and eye-catching. Finally, all images and videos were highly optimised to ensure loading speed and functionality were not compromised.