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Macaulay Sinclair

Macaulay Sinclair is a specialist interior architecture and design studio that operates within the hospitality sector. The company’s interior design projects include well-known establishments such as The Alchemist, Dishoom, and the Arcade Food Theatre in London. Macaulay Sinclair approached Framework Design to develop their digital content and to assist with the general marketing of the brand. The company wanted all their digital output to work together more cohesively, and for their content to closely mirror the brand. 

A screen shot showing the different pages on the Macauley Sinclair website

We began by working with Macaulay Sinclair to develop the company website. The goal for this was to create a site that captured the look and feel of the brand with an emphasis on imagery. The Framework development team achieved this goal by creating a headless single page application managed by WordPress. This type of application has a different feel from a traditional website and functions more like an app, allowing a more visual and tactile experience for the user.  The decision to use this type of app also meant that the website would provide a more immersive experience, in this way the site would make the user feel like they’re inside the offices and actually looking at the projects Macalauy Sinclair has worked on. The website allows the user to scroll through the different sections, where large images and interactive elements are used to create a unique experience of the brand. Furthermore, the platform was made flexible to allow adjustments over time to account for growth and development. Brand tiers were also built into the backend to make adding new brand elements an easy process going forward. 

A shot of the Macauley Sinclair website on mobile phone
A mobile phone view of the projects on the Macauley Sinclair website
A mobile view of the Kings cross Dishoom project on the Macauley Sinclair site
A set of 9 squares that each contain the white logo of a certain restaurant, each square has an image of the restaurant which is covered with a dark filter
2 snapshots of the Macauley Sinclair website
Some images of the Macauley Sinclair website

We also produced a curated video for Macaulay Sinclair. The video was designed with the goal of providing the viewer with more of an insight into the company culture, the ethos of the brand, and how they work. The Framework Design team carried out photography and video footage sessions across the country to gather materials for the video. From there, the videography team were able to deliver a company video that captured the atmosphere of Macaulay Sinclair, the quality and detail of their work, and the professional and creative way in which their team operates. 

A collage of images of people smiling, working, building etc on from the Macauley Sinclair website
The Macauley Sinclair logo on a restaurant scene background

The Framework Design team also travelled to the Macaulay Sinclair office to photograph the internal business and the staff themselves. The photography was to be used within pitch documentation and also used as part of the website design.  Once the images were captured, we completed post-processing to ensure that they were perfect and ready for use.

A photo of a man and a woman stood looking at a wall filled with patterned paper, drawings, samples of textile, and other bits. The man has one hand on a drawing on the wall while the woman looks on
An aerial shot of two people sat opposite each other at a round table. There are building interior plans and drawings on the table and colour swatches. Both people are holding pens and working on the plans
A phto showing a table with various drawings and colour samples, there is a large blueprint map of a building in the middle which two men are working on
An image of a busy office with long wooden tables and people working on apple mac computers. Three windows to the right let the daylight in.
A photo of three woman and one man sat around a wooden table. One lady is working onn a laptop, while the others are holding pens and discussing the various images, drawings and resources on the table
Two ladies working on apple mac computers which are sat on a long wooden desk
An image showing the interior design process, there are sketches and labels for certain areas, tracing paper is placed over the top and there is a selection of green swatches at the bottom right of the image

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