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A illustrated dog-man sits in a fiery room with an expression like everything is fine although it is not fine

Our enduring relationship with Macaulay Sinclair stands as testament to a symbiotic relationship between creativity, digital ingenuity and perfection. 

A meticulous approach is necessary to accurately portray Macaulay Sinclair’s design ethos in the digital sphere. Attention to detail is based on commitment to uphold the integrity of the brand’s visual identity.

MS-CS-Laptop-v2 copy

The new website introduces a groundbreaking design and a highly animated system. It serves not only as a platform for showcasing Macaulay Sinclair’s new projects but sets them apart as design evolutionaries in their field. We were able to weave together aesthetic and functional aspects to create a digital space that befits design innovation synonymous with this premium brand. 

MS-CS-Mobile-v2 copy

Our collaboration extends beyond web design and development. We played a pivotal role in capturing the essence of physical spaces through office photography. Additionally, articulating the brand story and case studies finds its place through a defined tone of voice, ensuring that positioning and overarching messages resonate with authenticity. 

Macaulay Sinclair’s aspiration for a cohesive digital presence has been met with a truly integrated strategy from Framework. The power of sustained partnerships in the ever-evolving digital landscape allows us to delve deep and leave an indelible mark in the digital realm.