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A illustrated dog-man sits in a fiery room with an expression like everything is fine although it is not fine
PV – Hero v6 – this better fuckin work 3


PocketVet provides affordable and easily accessible veterinary advice and treatments online. Pet owners are able to get in touch with a veterinary professional to receive a consultation appointment that takes place online. Treatments are then available to buy from the Pocketvet shop and are sent directly to your door. 

PocketVet wanted a new engaging and professional website, as well as designs to establish a look and feel for their desktop app which allows users to book vet consultations.

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PV – Mobile
PV – Purple logo
PV — Orange logo
Brand Development

The Framework Design team worked with PocketVet to develop the company brand identity. Using the already existing logo, our designers worked to evolve it into a full, tactile brand. The team devised a new colour palette using bold purples and soft orange shades, all of which are utilised across the site to create an engaging website experience. 

PV – Image v2
PV – Vets
Web Design, Illustrations & Animations

The Framework designers worked on the design of the website which used the new colour palette and imagery to make the site engaging and eye-catching. The design team also worked on various illustrations of cats, dogs, and owners for use across the site.  The illustrations were then animated to move in different ways such as blinking, barking, and tail wagging. As well as the illustrations, hover animation was added to buttons across the site to make the paw prints move and patterns appear on the buttons.

PV – Desktop 1

The Framework Developers worked with PocketVet to assist with next.JS integration. Our developers also worked on the website front-end components, providing the mark-up. We implemented the typography layout, buttons, and an animation library.

PV – Desktop 2
PV – Illo 3