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Just because your project is complete doesn’t mean our support is too.


When you work with Framework Design, we make sure that you are supported throughout your business journey and beyond.

We offer bespoke aftercare and support as part of your package with us. This means that whether you are working with our marketing team to improve your company’s SEO efforts, or you’re having a website designed by our team of developers, we can help you get the most out of your experience. 

We also offer on-going technical support for websites, meaning that we are here to help if you need any fixes or amendments made within the first few months. Your new website can also be complemented with staff training. We offer two types of training that are designed and planned to suit your team, they include:

  • Introduction training – we can deliver regular training, which is ideal for those who have already used the platform their new site is built on. Our support team will walk you through the back end of the site to ensure you know your way around, and will demonstrate flex layout, as well as presenting a couple of the pages and answering any questions. 
  • In-depth training – This training option is suitable for those who may have limited knowledge of the website platform or limited technical experience. In this workshop, the team will go over each page of the website and demonstrate how to populate content, as well as how to use sitewide settings and the media libraries.

When you enquire about further support, we will discuss your requirements with you to understand what you need to achieve from the training and design the session around those requirements.  Training sessions can be taken online or the team can visit you in-house (please note that due to COVID19, all training is currently being delivered online). Our friendly support team is always available to speak to you, should you require extra sessions or further guidance. 

To find out more about the ways we can support you, get in touch with Framework Design today.


"Our Support and aftercare packages give our clients peace of mind that the systems we’ve built will not only evolve with new technologies but will also improve and maximize their business’ digital potential."


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