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Rethinking reverse logistics with stocs

Stocs is a true pioneer in the e-commerce and circular economy space. Through our network of key industry contacts they approached Framework, seeking a comprehensive brand transformation and digital overhaul.

Specialising in selling returns from major online retailers like Amazon into secondary markets, stocs aim is two-fold – to revolutionise reverse logistics and to safeguard brand equity of products sold. Our mission was to encapsulate their innovative approach and commitment to sustainability in their brand identity and digital footprint that spans the UK, EMEA, and North America.

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Brand Strategy

We began by redefining stocs brand strategy, emphasising their unique value proposition: “Rethink Reverse.” This unique position became the foundation for the entire project, signifying their disruptive approach to the circular economy.

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The favicon is designed as a visual introduction and centrepiece for the digital environment. It incorporates the ‘O’ from the word ‘Stocs’ and the vibrant colour wheel represents all the strands of activity coming together to show a united and integrated front – to reflect the circular economy. This thinking neatly led us to to use the same letterform in key messages – see below.

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Brand Identity

Our design team crafted a dynamic brand identity that blended bold, modern aesthetics with eco-friendly elements, highlighting stocs’ commitment to sustainability. The new logo represents a flow, symbolising the continuous movement of products.

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Brand Experience

We extended the brand experience across multiple touch-points, including a user-friendly website, engaging webinars, informative podcasts, investor pitch decks, and visually captivating social media content.

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stocs is a compelling global platform that aligns with their mission to reshape reverse logistics. Our brand comms have garnered increased engagement, driving their message of sustainability and brand protection. With our help, stocs is leading the charge to ‘Rethink Reverse’ and keep the circular economy in motion.

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