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Tracking Success: revolutionising System Loco's digital presence with an immersive website

Through a combination of innovative hardware and software, System Loco is a cutting-edge SaaS company that specialises in logistical solutions. Their primary focus lies in efficiently locating and tracking assets, ensuring seamless operations for their clients.

A sudden surge in business growth underpinned the need for a revamped website that mirrored the company’s cutting edge tech and streamlined services, whilst aligning with their brand image. Our expert team of designers, developers and project managers crafted a bespoke, immersive website that clearly communicates System Loco’s expertise with state-of-the-art animated features and clean, contemporary design elements.

Visit the website here.


The project unfolded as a highly collaborative endeavour, with direct involvement from System Loco’s design team.

Special attention was given to conveying the features and benefits of System Loco’s products, which are integrated into the website’s design through the use of iconography. The incorporation of pulsing gradients serves to signify live tracking beacons, enhancing the user experience by visually communicating the real-time monitoring capabilities of System Loco’s solutions.

The design approach embraces a clean aesthetic, characterized by rounded containers and high-contrast colors, which not only enhance visual appeal but also ensure ease of navigation for users. The strategic use of yellow throughout the website creates a cohesive visual language, drawing attention to crucial elements and calls-to-action (CTAs).


The project elicited an overwhelmingly positive response from System Loco which included enthusiastic feedback in the form of Taylor Swift memes. The finished product successfully met the brief by effectively showcasing System Loco’s capabilities and generating increased interest and enquiries for their products.


The imminent Phase 2 rollout further attests to the project’s success and ongoing momentum. As we prepare to unveil additional enhancements, the collaborative effort between the teams sets a precedent for future endeavors, reaffirming Framework’s commitment to delivering innovative digital solutions that exceed client expectations.