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Social media

Latest figures show that 3.6 billion people are now actively using social media. Social media marketing should be a key part of any business’ marketing strategy who are looking for a fast and cost-effective way to showcase their brand to over half the world’s population.

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Full social media management by Framework Design.

In a world heavily influenced by technology and trends, your business’ use of social media is more important than ever. There are a number of benefits social media can bring to your company such as brand awareness, a better understanding of your audience and best of all, a method to drive more sales. All of which is achievable when a well-planned, social media strategy is in place.

Framework Design’s digital marketing team can work with you to create a strategy that helps meet your specific company goals and tell your story. Whether you are looking to grow your followers or increase sales for a particular product, we will help establish KPIs and produce a social media marketing plan to achieve them.

As an experienced social media advertising agency, Framework Design offers services to suit a variety of marketing needs. We can organise complete social media management of your channels or just create content as and when you need it. Framework Design also offers social media management for small businesses who may not have time to keep on top of their marketing whilst trying to develop their business. If you are in a similar position, we are more than happy to help!

Paid Social Media Advertising

Take your social media marketing to the next level with social media advertising. Putting a budget behind your social media efforts can make your posts stand out from the crowd. Paid social adverts also provide the opportunity to target audiences meaning you can have complete control over who sees your campaigns and when. Targeted campaigns are a great way to showcase your products and services to those who actually need them and in return, improve your return on investment (ROI).

Our social marketing experts are well versed in Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Linkedin marketing and more. For more information about our services please get in touch today.

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“When social media marketing is done properly it transforms into a collaboration between you and your audience. You can showcase content and in return, your audience will either utilise it, share it, give feedback or just write entertaining nonsense. Everyone’s a winner!”


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