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Visualising the time and care of a slow fashion brand.

Prime Casual has been a successful UK-based manufacturer and designer of luxury clothing since 1987. Having collaborated with some of the world’s largest household names, the visionaries behind the scenes were inspired to launch their own fashion brand: Celestine & Mae.

They approached us with a blank slate, entrusting us to craft a brand from the ground up along with a complementary e-commerce website. They desired an identity that was elegant, made a lasting impression, and showcased their commitment to slow, luxury fashion.

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Celestine & Mae create enduring fashion pieces that prioritise quality over quantity, reducing their environmental impact. For inspiration, we looked to the Earth’s orbit around the sun. Much like the Earth’s timeless cycles, this celestial motif represents the brand’s commitment to slow, sustainable luxury fashion.

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Our take on the project

‘Great project to work on, predominantly because we got to help Nav and the team to realise their unique vision for what they wanted Celestine & Mae to be. We aligned with them really quickly, our close working relationship led us to create a simple yet memorable marque that instantly and elegantly communicated what the brand was all about. This was one of three routes we proposed, and the fact that they trusted us to go with the idea which challenged the usual aesthetic in the sector was really exciting.’ – Jim Mason, Lead Designer

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To support the new brand, we designed and built an e-commerce site that mirrors Celestine & Mae’s elegance and sustainability. The custom-built site features captivating animations, shopping cart management, payment processing, and inventory management. It provides a UX-focused shopping experience in line with their commitment to quality and sustainability.

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The result is a seamlessly integrated brand and e-commerce platform that perfectly reflects Celestine & Mae’s ethos of elegance and sustainability. Our custom-built site, enriched with captivating animations, delivers a superior shopping experience that aligns seamlessly with their dedication to excellence and eco-consciousness.

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"The Framework team are wonderful and I cannot recommend highly enough. They went above and beyond to complete our project within a very tight and demanding deadline."

Navroop Kaur, Celestine & Mae.