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When email marketing is done well, it can be one of the most effective tools to have in your marketing toolkit.


Great content and eye-catching design form the basis of a strong email marketing strategy.

Known as a fast, cost-effective and high return on investment marketing tactic; email marketing is an excellent way to communicate and connect with both your existing and potential customers.

With email, you have the ability to communicate with your specific target audience, personalise and automate your campaigns, and segment subscribers in order to send targeted emails. Email marketing can be hugely effective, increasing website visits, generating more sales and increasing leads.

If you want to introduce email marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy, Framework Design can help. Our experienced team of marketers can assist you with devising an email marketing strategy to support your long term business goals. The email marketing services we provide are flexible and can be tailored to fully suit your requirements; We can help with certain aspects of your campaigns, or be involved from the ground up to help plan, strategize, design, deliver and report on your progress.

How can Framework help you with your email marketing?

Planning your email marketing campaigns
The key to email marketing success is a well-planned strategy. The team at Framework Design can help you to establish your goals and plan how to best achieve them. We will help you choose an email marketing tool, work on building your subscriber list, and look at segmenting your audience. From newsletters to seasonal offers, internal communications and beyond, the Framework team are here to help get your message heard.

Custom email templates
Once you’ve decided on the type of emails you want to send, our experienced design team can provide bespoke brand-led templates that will work to grab the attention of your subscribers.

Content is key
When it comes to writing the content to convey your message, the Framework Marketing team can help. We can assist you with copywriting, advise you on the best way to phrase Call To Actions (CTAs), the most effective content types to use, and how to find the perfect subject heading.

Once your email has been built and populated, we then send you a test to ensure you’re happy before we prepare to schedule your email campaign for sending out to your subscriber list.

Testing and reporting
The Framework team can also offer email marketing support to assist you with testing your emails and gathering data to understand how your campaigns are performing. We can also provide detailed reporting containing the key data you need to assess the performance of your campaign and inform your future strategy.

If you are interested in finding out more about our flexible email marketing services get in touch with our specialist team at Framework Design today.

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“Email marketing supersedes all other channels of marketing because it’s convenient, personal and instant. No other marketing channel can tick all those 3 boxes.”


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