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Releaf’s mission is to provide high-quality cannabis-based products to patients with chronic illnesses. All products are strictly monitored and tested to ensure compliance with government regulations. We kicked the project off by conducting a series of research and discovery sessions. This uncovered key objectives for the website – educating visitors about medical cannabis, showcasing the brand’s products, and providing intuitive UX for the subscription-based model.

Releaf UX and Website Design – Framework Design

Designed and developed in-house, the Releaf site features an easy-to-use e-commerce platform that allows patients to browse products, seek doctor approval and subscribe with just a few clicks.

Releaf UX and Web Design – Framework Design
Releaf Content Marketing – Framework Design

The soft colour palette with images of nature and the outdoors creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere that aligns with the brand’s values.

Releaf Brand Identity – Framework Design
Releaf Brand Development – Framework Design
Releaf Web Design – Framework Design

Our naming direction for the product was based on the height of different cloud classifications. A modern icon to represent the cannabis leaf created a design seal of approval.

Releaf Packaging Design – Framework Design
Releaf Packaging Design – Framework Design

Working with our print and packaging partner, bespoke contemporary welcome packs were produced to include the vape pen, grinder and storage jar.

Releaf Packaging Design – Framework Design
Releaf Brand Development – Framework Design
Releaf Marketing – Framework Design

Since the launch of the new brand, packaging and website, the client has seen a massive increase in engagement and awareness.