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Watch Wearers

Designing a premium brand takes time. Watch Wearers noticed the thriving luxury watch resale market and saw an exciting opportunity. They wanted to create a brand that connects the perfect watch with the right customer through an online marketplace.

We built a brand and website that seamlessly fits across different platforms. Our efforts resulted in a solid and consistent brand identity that captivates watch enthusiasts and potential customers, leaving a lasting impression on every interaction.

03 – Homepage
04 – Mobile Mockup

We fully embraced the essence of Watch Wearers and delved into a world of discovery and research. By blending market insights, trends, and the desires of their valued customers, we had a solid starting point.

05:06:07:08 Mobile Screens and Deskop Mockup
09 – Dashboard

Taking inspiration from the charm of horology, we crafted a brand that reflects the elegance of timepieces with a modern twist. The colour palette we chose combines classic watch colours with a smooth accent, resulting in a sophisticated and contemporary look.

10 – Macbook Mockup 2
11 – iPad
12 – Business Card

The fresh brand identity now radiates elegance, reliability, and uniqueness, setting Watch Wearers apart from its competitors. The website design beautifully showcases the watches, capturing customers’ attention and enticing them to explore the extensive product catalogue. The site was custom-built in-house, and we added our signature quirks, including enchanting animations and compelling calls-to-action (CTAs).

14:15 – How to Upload and Sign
16 – Packaging Mockup
17 – Bag Mockup
18 – Tape Mockup
19 – Envelope Mockup