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Junior Account Executive



Junior Account Executive

Tell us a bit about your career history
Like most, it all started in retail & hospitality at 15 years old.
I worked at Dr Martens while studying French, Communication and Society at Nottingham Trent University. Great degree – highly recommend it.
Finally, after some painful job searching, I happily ended up here.

Please share a memorable career highlight
I’ve had many “career” highlights, across England, France and Spain. I must admit though, Framework is a special place to work at. The team values detail, and we all genuinely want to produce great content – it’s exciting!

What are you most proud of achieving?
Mmh… I grew up in France and competed in alpine skiing throughout my youth. Pretty proud of all that. But graduating from University & getting my foot through the Framework door probably tops it.

Where would you like your career to go in the future?
I want to learn all of it, making notes as I go. I reckon I’ll make a leap of faith at some point & lead my own team. Who knows.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In winter, I tend to hibernate with red wine & above average amounts of cheese.
In the summer months, I enjoy staying out late, hosting dinner parties for friends, the occasional bit of journaling & painting… anything that doesn’t involve a screen I guess!