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Digital QA Analyst



Digital QA Analyst

Tell us a bit about your career history.
My professional journey has been a dynamic exploration of various industries and roles, I’m always open and committed to learning and adapting to new challenges.

I secured my first position as a Quality Assurance professional in my home country around 2017. In pursuit of further education, I relocated to the UK for my master’s degree (IT Security) in 2019, where I was fortunate enough to land a role as Junior IT Support at a leading investment banking co.. They helped me a lot – a year-long placement with invaluable training.

After completing my Masters in 2021, I delved into my passion for research and continued my journey as a Research Associate at Nottingham Trent University for six months.

Taking a brief work hiatus, I exercised patience, anticipating the right opportunity would emerge…

“The results of patience and hope are always sweet.”, and now, I find myself savouring the sweet fruits of perseverance and dedication, thoroughly enjoying my role as a Digital QA with Framework Design. This journey reflects my unwavering commitment to continuous growth, learning, and seizing the right opportunities at the right time.

Please share a memorable career highlight.
A significant milestone in my career unfolded when I transitioned from my initial role as a Quality Assurance professional in my home country to pursue a master’s degree in the UK in 2019. This shift marked a pivotal moment of personal and professional transformation. Embracing the challenges of adapting to a new academic and cultural environment, I not only excelled in my studies but also seized the opportunity to engage with an investment banking company who then played a crucial role providing tailored training to navigate the complexities of the UK’s professional landscape.

What are you most proud of achieving?
From the rich tapestry of my career journey, what I am most proud to achieve is the seamless transition and success in a new academic and professional environment during my pursuit of a master’s degree in the UK.

Being at Framework Design is also one of the standout achievements in my career that fills me with immense pride . This accomplishment represents the culmination of a deliberate and strategic approach to my professional journey. I must mention, I am very grateful to my family for their constant support and motivation!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time, I find joy in a diverse range of activities that enrich both my mind and personal life. A voracious reader of non-fiction books, I immerse myself in the knowledge and insights offered by various authors. Staying current and informed is a priority for me, achieved through avidly reading blogs and articles across different subjects.

To unwind and delve into the world of entertainment, I indulge in watching Bollywood movies and series, finding pleasure in the storytelling of Indian cinema.

Above all, my most cherished moments are spent with my little boy, creating precious memories and enjoying the simple joys of parenthood. I love balancing intellectual stimulation, cultural enjoyment, and quality time with family.