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A illustrated dog-man sits in a fiery room with an expression like everything is fine although it is not fine

Koda Staff

Koda Staff is a technology recruitment company who are passionate about matching businesses with the right professionals to suit their needs. Koda Staff wanted a website refresh that would better reflect their uniquely transparent and caring approach to recruitment and support customer experiences, as well as photography that could then be used on the website and beyond.

The Koda staff site full length view

Digital Estate

Koda Staff wanted a clear and UX focused website that would allow users to quickly and easily navigate the site. To do this, the Framework development team built a site that supported structured user journeys and ensured that the page speed was optimised to give the user a fast and slick experience. The team used Tailwind CSS framework which allows unique custom designs to be created easily. The site was given a custom preloader using the Koda Staff logo and mark to help create a visually appealing experience.

A screen shot of the Netherlands office details for Koda
Koda illustration
The application page on the Koda staff site

Javascript packages were used to create eye-catching animations, such as animations of words typing and backspacing which can be seen at the top of the pages. These aspects enabled the Koda Staff website to provide a unique and eye-catching experience, whilst also allowing the user to quickly and easily navigate the site.

A man sitting on a sofa and smiling


Koda Staff wanted to utilise illustrations on their website to give it a more human feel. They wanted illustrations to help them connect with website users and tell more of a story about their business and the way it is run. Koda Staff already had an established brand that they wanted to ensure was shining through on their new website and so the Framework Design team had to make sure that they were emulating that style.

Koda illustrsyion showing a filing cabinet, laptop, and pot plant
Colourful illustration of a wall chart, small screen and a large pot plant
A mobile view of the Koda staff website
The Koda staff partner page
A mobile view of the Koda staff website

The illustrations consisted of clean lines and bold colours, plants and people were included to give a sense of a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, whilst computers and text bubbles were used to demonstrate productivity. Additionally, simple colourful icons were used to indicate success, phone calls, games and writing, and were used on the service page to help convey more information about the types of recruitment that the company supports.

Snap shots of the Koda Staff site
Images showing the Koda Staff website
Icons of a yellow diamond, green heart, purple lighting, and pink speech bubble
Icons of a yellow mobile, green calendar, pink certificate and blue flame
Icons of a yellow pen, purple phone, pink trophy, and green game controller
A shot of Koda's office locations page
The Koda Staff website
An image of the Koda Staff office in London


The Framework Design team travelled down to London to the Koda Staff office to carry out a photo shoot of the office itself and the staff in action. The photographs were captured, processed, and then provided to the client ready for use. The images were the perfect addition to the Koda Staff website and were also ready to be used for any marketing collateral that the team would put together in the future.

A man reclines in an armchair smiling and talking to another man in the foreground
An image of a man holding a telephone using his shoulder and chin whilst he types
A Koda Staff branded mug in light blue sits on an office desk, the rest of the office is blurred behind it
A screenshot of the Koda about us page displayed on mobile
A mobile view of the Koda staff about us page
A mobile view of the Koda staff site