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Centiq is a business that design, build and manage SAP platforms, and provide bespoke SAP transformations for their clients. Centiq approached Framework to design and build a new brand-led website for their business that would provide clear user journeys, and function more effectively as a marketing foundation.

Centiq site layout of 'Who is Centiq' page

The Framework team began by working on the overall design of the website. Centiq had requested a brand-led experience that would be clear, intuitive, and mobile responsive. Our designers worked to create a website that incorporated the Centiq brand, utilising brand colours as blocks to clearly define different sections of the website. To help support the user experience, we began by providing Centiq with wireframes and a detailed sitemap so the overall structure of the site could be visualised to ensure the most direct layout. This also allowed us to test the wireframes against agreed user types to see how well the site would support user journeys. Prominent CTA’s were used, along with a clear and informative navigation bar to make finding specific information easier for the user.  Additionally, we implemented a mobile responsive design, to allow the website to work effectively across smartphones and tablets. 

Shows the Centiq site- 'Our partners' page
Centiq site layout of page

During the design of the website, we also produced artwork and visual content using 3D graphics. Centiq wanted the overall look and feel of the website to align with the customer oriented, team-work focused spirit of the company. They also wanted a unique way of giving the user more information about what they do. The 3D moving visuals across the site were designed to visually demonstrate the idea of mechanisms operating in tandem, working to illustrate the core services provided by Centiq. Additionally the visuals were designed to capture the feeling of a streamlined process, which links to the way Centiq work cohesively as a team. The eye-catching visuals gave a unique appearance to the site, as well as helping Centiq to stand out from the crowd. 

Great team of creative and talented individuals. They took on a diverse brief and pulled in experts to work as a team - all held and coordinated by a wonderful project manager. Personable and an extension of our team.

Dorota Gibiino – Head of Marketing, Centiq
Centiq site 3D icons

Once the site had been built by our developers, Framework Design also provided marketing support to Centiq to elevate the website further. We completed a full SEO set up prior to the website going live, to help boost its chances of ranking in search engines results. We helped set up goals in Google Analytics, which enabled Centiq to see in-depth user engagement with the website, such as the number of brochure downloads they were getting. We also set up event tracking to help the Centiq team better understand their user journey paths. 

Framework Design is proud to have been presented with four awards for our work on the Centiq website from the CSS Design Awards, including: 

  • Special Kudos Award
  • UX Design Award
  • UI Design Award
  • Innovation Design Award
Centiq site icons

“Working with the talented team at Framework has delivered Centiq a clean crisp site with directional UX centered around the customer (viewer) experience. The team worked collaboratively to articulate a visually exciting and award-winning website.”

Dorota Gibiino, Head of Marketing Centiq
Centiq site showing SAP HANA page
Centiq site showing layout and look of 'How we can help you' section
Shows the Centiq site- 'Our expert services' page

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