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A illustrated dog-man sits in a fiery room with an expression like everything is fine although it is not fine
Illustrations of fruit, clothing, sweets and fish depicting the offerings at Nottingham Markets

Nottingham City Markets

Nottingham Markets is a Nottingham City Council run website that showcases all of the markets run by them around the city. The organisers of Nottingham Markets wanted a complete website redesign that would improve the user experience and serve to demonstrate the excitement and buzz of the marketplaces.

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A mobile view of the nottingham markets 'about' screen
Mobile view of the nottingham markets website home page
Group 29

The Framework design team curated a fresh, visually engaging look for the Nottingham Markets website. The client had asked for something that would capture the exciting feeling of shopping at a market place and so the team decided to make imagery the main focus of the site. Our designers used a plain white background and clickable image links to showcase each of the different markets. The colour palette used was bold and vibrant with a few different colours such as orange, pink and purple used to capture the feeling of a bright and colourful marketplace.

nottingham markets website
A turquoise green background with illustrated markets for Clifton, Bulwell and Clinton Street
An illustrated map of the Nottingham Markets, with colour coded key at the left side.

Once all the designs were ready, the Framework developers began to work on the website. One of the main goals that Nottingham Market had wanted to achieve with the new website was a more streamlined UX. They wanted people to be able to easily find their markets and sign up to attend as traders. To achieve this the Framework developers incorporated a map finder feature onto the homepage, which allows the user to click on a Google style map to see certain market hotspots. The user can also click through a list of markets to see the address and distance from where they are.

A screenshot showing the Nottingham Markets website
Group 12
A container showing the Bilbrough Market with button to allow visitors to view this market
A view of all nottingham markets on the website

Our developers implemented a full custom multi-step form that would allow users to easily sign up to trade or run a market. This form was built to be streamlined and visually engaging, it made the sign-up process convenient and easy for the user, with the goal to encourage more sign-ups overall.

We’re pleased that our project has been recognised by DesignRush.

A mobile view of the nottingham markets website showing the trader sign up