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A illustrated dog-man sits in a fiery room with an expression like everything is fine although it is not fine
A pink and blue fabric bag , journal and mug but art +soul

Art + Soul

Art + Soul are a supplier of quality art materials and equipment. The business operates with the belief that art is positive for the soul and for one’s well-being. Art + Soul approached Framework to help them form a solid and evolved identity for the business, and from this, produce a set of brand guidelines and branded packaging for them to use.

Different positionings of the Art + Soul logo

The Framework design team worked with Art + Soul to establish their brand identity, using discovery sessions that explored the company’s overall goals, ethos, target audience, product offerings and more. From these sessions, our designers produced a sleek and simple logo to represent the calm and peaceful nature of the company, additionally creating taglines, a brandmark, typography, and brand assets that captured the essence of Art + Soul.

As well as this, the company needed branding to represent three of their ranges; junior, core, and premium. Therefore, we worked on producing colour palettes and a general look and feel for each range;

  • For the junior range, we utilised primary colours for a more playful feel, also using basic shapes to replicate how a young mind may approach arts and crafts.
  • For the core range, we created a more mature colour palette using warm shades of pink and aqua blue with uses of texture to create a more advanced look and feel.
  • Lastly, for the premium range we went for a minimal colour scheme using plum, navy blue and pops of gold for more of a luxury feel, we also incorporated more textures such as foil effects to further elevate the luxury feel of the range.
Snap shots of the Art + Soul branding
A picture of Art + souls paper bags in white and black
A picture of the art + soul logo embossed on black card. There are different textures surrounding it
A picture of Art + souls luxury paint set black card leaflet
A picture of Art + souls acrylic paints set
An image of art and soul's paint packaging in gold metallic and prussian blue
A picture of Art + souls childrens branding colours, red, blue and yellow

Once the client was happy with their new branding, we put together a set of brand guidelines to ensure that anyone who was to represent Art + Soul would be able to do so accurately. The brand guide was provided as a pdf for easy distribution to Art + Soul staff, as well as any outside party who Art + Soul might work with.

The art +soul logo embossed on black card

We also worked with Art + Soul to produce some packaging for a premium paint set. This set contained acrylic and metallic paints, as well as a brush. Art + Soul wanted the set to be fun, distinctive and a reflection of the premium branding. The Framework Design team produced paint tube designs using colours that closely resembled the paint itself, and added a large glossy logo on a white background to further create impact. The tin itself was made using the premium range colour scheme and simple yet elegant shapes, finished with a sleek black sleeve with gold accent lines containing the Art + Soul brandmark and description of the set.

Our packaging solution also featured a printed booklet for the set that would detail the paint information and swatches. The team created a booklet using thick black card, allowing the paint swatch colours to pop, pairing this with a gold brandmark and gold accents to further add a sense of premium to the experience.

4 pencils in white, yellow, blue and pink with the art +soul logo
The art + soul luxury paint set in black

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