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A illustrated dog-man sits in a fiery room with an expression like everything is fine although it is not fine
A background and various AMB posters with a woman walking past in a blur


Allure Me Beauty (AMB) is a UK on-demand beauty business that allows clients to book beauty professionals who can provide services at the location of their choice. Framework Design worked with AMB to develop the brand and strategy, conduct a full website redesign, and implement a new booking system to the existing website.


Our design team worked with Allure Me Beauty to discuss the brand and highlight any aspects that could be improved. One aspect that was flagged early on was the company name, ‘Allure Me Beauty’ had more connotations to female beauty services and the brand wanted to appeal to all people. Allure Me Beauty offers a huge range of services including male grooming, skincare, and botox treatments, and so the company name needed to be gender-neutral.

Our team recommended shortening the name to ‘AMB’ to make it memorable and snappy, as well as becoming less female-focused. Following this, the design team worked on redeveloping the logo and modernising the brand, to give it a fresh look and feel that aligned with the identity of AMB.

AMB business cards in blue purple, and a red pink
Image showing the full layout plan for the AMB site
Screen shots of the AMB branding guide
Image showing the AMB services
The AMB 'our work' graphics showing three women with glowing complexions

AMB wanted a fresh, vibrant look that stood out from the crowd. The Framework Design team worked to make the site look more cutting-edge, using imagery that represents AMB’s brand to distinguish its website style from the typical styles used by competitors. We used images that deliver a visual and tactile experience, for instance, large feature images of the services offered and colourful swipes of makeup serving to punctuate the pages.

The AMB team were also looking for improvements to the UX of the site. To do this, the Framework team conducted user research and mapped out key user journeys to find the best way to streamline the design,  making it easier for users to search and book with suppliers.

An image of the AMB website showing the appointment booking area
A lady's body in a bikini
A close up image of a man looking into the camera
A lady winking at the camera, wearing shades, a swipe of blue makeup in the top corner
A face with a swipe of white makeup

The Framework Design development team began work on bringing the redesign to life. The website was built using the PHP framework, Lavarel, to allow more flexibility in building custom web applications. We created a blog section to help AMB become more visible in search results with targeted blog content, and also created an area for events to be posted.

The AMB get in touch and social media sections on the site

AMB had requested a booking system that could be easily used by clients and was simple for suppliers to access and list their services. Bespoke functionality was implemented to allow suppliers to set up custom packages based on a set number of services, also allowing them to set custom opening hours for bookings. Moreover, the site’s frontend components were placed into a design system to allow functional amends to be easily completed when needed.

The development work fulfilled AMB’s requirements, resulting in a fully functional website complete with a booking system that can be easily used by both clients and suppliers.

Appointment request form on the AMB site
The AMB services and booking pages shown on mobile