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Keeping your brand identity consistent across everything you do as a business is crucial.

Clear brand guidelines allow anyone to instantly understand how to present and talk about your brand.

Brand guidelines, also known as style guides, are a great way to set the standard for your brand. They can be easily distributed around your business or supplied to external partners to ensure that all representations of your brand are correct and consistent.

At Framework Design, our experienced branding team can work with you to deliver a detailed and easily navigable set of brand guidelines, perfect for distributing throughout your company.

We are designers, so we know the recipe for the perfect brand guideline document. Our years of exposure to businesses from a multitude of sectors has given us the experience and knowledge to create guidelines with a unique level of detail. We devise guidelines with the client in mind and use a narrative approach to tell the story of your brand.

All guides include:

  • Your brand’s visual style, including fonts, colour palettes, logos, and images.
  • Instructions for company tone and voice.
  • Your brand identity, including mission, statement, core values, and personality.

Depending on your requirements, we can provide you with a basic overview of your branding or a more in-depth breakdown. Our team can also advise on how your brand guidelines should be presented, whether it be in PDF or printed form, or as a digital guide or website based experience.

For those who may be looking for a brand refresh alongside a set of guidelines, we also offer a full brand audit experience. This involves a full dissection of the brand to examine different aspects and pinpoint those which do not truly align with your company ethos and goals. Our dedicated design team is always on hand to help with creating new graphics, photography, illustrations, video content, and other resources to help elevate your brand.

If you’re looking for branding guidelines and want to find out more about the services we offer, get in touch with the Framework Design team today.


“Brand guidelines give your brand the basis and the foundation it needs to build from. Brand guidelines also ensure uniformity and consistent application even if your brand is held in the hands of a non-brand guardian.”


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