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A illustrated dog-man sits in a fiery room with an expression like everything is fine although it is not fine
A collection of Loxley branded posters, leaflets, business cards, staff lanyards and glasses

Loxley Opticians

Loxley is a family-run independent optician based in Nottingham, offering unique eyewear options and providing personalised one-to-one service. Loxley commissioned Framework Design Agency to create a brand for the company that would reflect its unique and modern personality. Loxley also required design services for all their digital real estate, as well as designs that could be used for signage and in-store collateral.

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The process began with the Framework design team running discovery sessions with Loxley to understand more about their business personality, target audience and business goals. From there,  our designers were able to begin putting together ideas on aspects of the brand that they could then feedback to the Loxley team and develop further. Loxley wanted the brand to be individual, modern, stylish but approachable, and a strong visual representation of who they are as a business. Our team was able to create a brand for Loxley that used bright and bold colours mixed with softer illustrative elements. We also produced a logo that was simple but with a unique flare attached to the ‘x’ in Loxley, to capture the individuality of the company.

A dark blue background with the Loxley logo in white in the centre
A yellow background with the Loxley logo in dark blue
A pink background with a white x
A dark blue and mustard yellow Loxley business card on a yellow surface
Loxley posters with coupons for free lenses, using illustrations of people and glasses
An image of a Loxley shop signage board
3 Loxley paper bags in blue, yellow and white
A collage of the Loxley site displayed on mobile
Shots ot the Loxley site displayed on mobile
Snap shots of the Loxley website

Next, we began constructing designs for Loxley’s full digital real estate, which ranged from their website to their social media output. Loxley wanted the designs to fully utilise the new branding and demonstrate a look and feel that united higher-end fashion with human connection and approachability. The Framework design team began by working on the website, using large high-definition images of some of the eyewear that Loxley sells, either as stand-alone images, or pictured on people. These images were then dispersed with softer illustrations designed digitally and using colourful shapes and bold lines.  The illustrations were used as a device to steer the brand away from the exclusivity of ‘high-fashion’ and capture more of the human side of the Loxley family business. The website’s look and feel was carried through to other aspects of Loxley’s digital estate, for instance, the social media accounts were created assets that utilised the soft illustrations and bold pops of colour.

A man in round sunglasses and a blue scarf looks at the camera, there is a large X around him
The Loxley shop signage in blue
Illustrations of glasses and people in bold colours such as yellow, pink and blue and dark blue
The frame range page of the Loxley site
A snapshot of the Loxley site showing Frame ranges for glasses
Three pictures showing how the illustrations for Loxley were made. the first image is a lady smiling at the camera, the second is a hand drawn line illustration and the third is the finished image with colours and shading
three illustrations , the first a lady with short pink hair and glasses, next a man with dark hair and blue glasses and lastly a lady with black hair and pink glasses

Framework also supported Loxley with designs for their shopfront signage and in-store collateral such as window graphics, bags, flyers and a-boards. The team worked on designs that were simple and sleek, often using the brand name and single-colour outlines of eyewear. In this way, the signs were kept minimalist to simply convey the brand and capture the stylish yet accessible ethos of Loxley. 

A dark blue loxley bag with 2 blue and yellow business cards and a poster with colourful illustrations
Loxley branded parcel tape on a light blue surface
The exterior of the Loxley Nottingham Shop, showing the blue signage
A poster for Loxley showing a dark haired man in glasses looking over to the left with the text ' Nottingham's Best Independent Business Finalist 2018 &2019'
A poster for Loxley showing a red haired lady in glasses smiling and looking into the camera with the text ' Nottingham's Best Independent Business Finalist 2018 &2019'

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