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Game on.

Fave game

Game on.

‘Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’. This sentiment couldn’t be any truer here at Framework, particularly when we get to work in one of our favourite industries – gaming. 

To provide some context to this story we’re heading back to 2015. Ah… simpler times when the general public didn’t know what PPE was, TikTok wasn’t a thing, and Framework Design was at its inception. It was at this time that Stephan, Luke and Paul realised that their complementary skills could create something quite amazing. Like all good start-up founders, the trio worked tirelessly to get the agency off the ground, only pausing for a bite to eat or a game on the PlayStation. The games console was where the guys could come together to celebrate, commiserate or talk through what was on their minds. So it’s hardly surprising that when they were dreaming of their ideal clients, anyone within the gaming industry was top of the list. 

Back to today and Framework’s founders have kept their sense of fun and love for all things games, which is reflected in our team and the work we produce. We’re privileged to have worked with some insanely fun clients over the years including Team17Warhammer, Lost City and Funbox. It’s probably no surprise that our team are big gaming fans and we’ve recently been reminiscing on our favourite computer games from our childhood. We have some video examples on our socials, but our Marketing Director, Christian was kind enough to jot his recollection down: 

“In 1981 there was a direct instruction from the headmaster not to go into town and visit the arcade at lunchtime or after school. On his strict advice, we quickly understood this magical place was a derelict terraced house packed to the rafters with the latest games, overloaded extension sockets and completely reeked of Regal King Size

Missile Command. Space Invaders (Part 2). Defender. Asteroids. Galaxian. Oh yes. 

But the one that tied me up in riddles for years…


At that age, while my studious peers fixated on chromatography and algebra, I daydreamed of the time when I would truly graduate – and complete Scramble. 

Divided into six sections of increasing complexity, the first play was a relatively easy fly over mountainous terrain where you had to blow up fuel tanks to stay in business. Then, a further assault from a series of yellow and red asteroid fields. Blast your way through the yellow section, and keep low in the rocks for the red section. All good. It was the ominous and foreboding Scramble City that lay ahead, and it filled me with anxiety. 

Touch the wall in the tunnel. 

You were dead. 

Hit a fuel tank. 

You were dead. 

Forget a joystick hard left on the vertical wall drops. 

You were dead. 

Then one fine day, it must have been about two years and a zillion 10p coins later, it came together. Yes! I completed Scramble City. 

My reward? To start the dystopian journey all over again, with a little flag in the bottom corner of the screen to show I’d done a full round.

With exhilaration, I immediately crashed into a fuel tank. And died. 

For Scramble and I, we were done. 

It was game over. 

Happy times.” 

If you’ve not guessed by now, we’re passionate about gaming, and we’re dedicated to helping companies in the industry succeed. If you’re looking for expert guidance and insights into the world of gaming, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your gaming business to the next level.

Rogueside – Warhammer 40k