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True Talent

Taking Centre Stage

Meet Cat, the visionary founder and owner of True Talent. She approached us with an ambitious mission: to create an entire brand identity and a complementary website from scratch. With years of experience in sourcing top-tier speakers, influencers, artists, and creatives for a wide array of events and campaigns, Cat sought to establish a brand and online presence that reflected her unwavering commitment to connecting extraordinary talent with exceptional opportunities.

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In-Depth Exploration

Our journey began with a deep dive into Cat’s core values, vision, and what made True Talent truly unique. We did our homework, delving into the market and checking out the competition to find the sweet spot that sets True Talent apart.

Brand Creation

Taking cues from our discoveries, we embarked on crafting a well-rounded brand strategy. Our approach was to reflect the personal service offered by Cat, which is encapsulated within the hand-drawn logo. The talent and the event coming together is visualised by a mix of typefaces and a carefully selected colour palette. These elements convey True Talent’s professionalism, trustworthiness, and adaptability in Cat’s specialised field.

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Website Development

Our team crafted a user-centric website that prioritised leaving visitors star-struck. Interactive elements mimic how most of us view the world today (through our phones) reassuring users that they are in the right place. We developed wireframes and prototypes to ensure an intuitive and engaging user experience, as well as ease of navigation and accessibility.

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Content Management System (CMS)

At the heart of the website, we implemented a robust Content Management System (CMS) that empowered Cat and her team to effortlessly update listings, create captivating blog content, and manage their online presence. This ensured the website remained dynamic and aligned with True Talent’s evolution.

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The transformation of True Talent’s brand and digital presence was a real success story. It brought True Talent’s online game up to Cat’s reputation as the go-to talent connector. Crafting a brand and a website that make sense, that’s the secret sauce for boosting client engagement and growing a business. True Talent is now a shining example of how effective branding and smart web design can work wonders, all thanks to Cat’s visionary leadership.

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