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How to find inspiration beyond the workspace

Inspiration in design, development and marketing, can be found in the worlds all around us.

Here at Framework we know this all too well. The creative mind rarely stands still, and in doing so curiosity can find true inspiration and light bulb moments in the most often diverse places. 

Let’s peer into the unique minds of a designer, a developer, and a marketing professional at Framework to find out just what makes them tick…

A Designer’s Inspiration: Independent, niche magazines and gaming.

“Like every designer I’ve got the same blogs and Instagram algorithm feeding me inspiration on a daily basis. But, it’s always good to take a breath, get away from the screen and find inspiration outside of the industry too.

There’s an amazing book shop near me called ‘Magazine Heaven’ which has the biggest and weirdest selection of books and magazines from around the world. It’s kind of overwhelming to see so many different design styles in one room and it’s an experience that can’t really be replicated on screen. I can spend hours in there looking at the layouts of Japanese fashion magazines and different illustrations and colour palettes in graphic novels .

Video games are probably what first inspired me to get into design when I was a kid and they’re still a source today. There’s parallels between game and digital design, both are usually required to guide a person through a story or system in an engaging, yet easy-to-follow journey. We often get gaming companies coming to us for branding or a new website, and these projects are always a bit of a dream to work on”.

Jim – Lead Designer

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A Developer’s Playground: Japanese Culture

“I lived in Japan for four years and the one thing that inspired me towards a world of coding and developing was their great sense of process. 

When change happens, in Japan it happens quickly. It takes over in the blink of an eye and everyone follows suit. And… I love the way their systems and processes produce results — public transport that is the most punctual in the world, the intelligence and engineering behind the magic of a Japanese toilet is mind-boggling. 

The Japanese approach to their social structure and work ethic is designed in a way that can solve problems. They are precise and very consistent. 

This is what reminds me of coding. 

Japan taught me to slow down – to work out the best way to approach a project, to meticulously set plan and build structures from the ground up. Japan taught me to think things through and watch it all come nicely together.”

Becca – Junior Developer


A Marketer’s Influence: Perspective

“Most good ideas tend to come to me when I least expect them. I’m sure most marketing professionals will relate to that annoying creative block you experience when you are put on the spot at 9am. 

It’s often the moment when my mind is elsewhere, when you’re not looking for it, that often sparks something special! Having ‘creative breaks’ during a brainstorming session to go for a walk or make a nice cup of tea is usually rewarded by a surprising light bulb moment. 

Now, for a more exciting answer.

It might sound cliche, but travelling can be a huge influence, but spending time away from all the marketing spiel to discover somewhere and something completely different. I love learning and experiencing how other cultures live, communicate and create. Having a controversial conversation and hearing different perspectives can be the tipping point. I’m a very visual person, so taking in the beauty of natural landscapes in New Zealand and historic architecture in Morocco for example, can be really motivating and turn into something remarkable.” 

Izzie – Content Manager

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Bridging Inspiration and Innovation

As you may have already discovered, at Framework Design, inspiration doesn’t solely come from the confines of a desk. Instead, our designers, developers, and marketeers embrace the world around them, each finding their unique sources of creative energy. By intertwining their personal experiences with their professional endeavours, they’re able to create memorable brand experiences that define the essence of Framework’s work.