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We take pride in designing and developing top-tier websites for leading trade brands. Our latest projects with big names like BSW and Toolstation show how we raise the bar in digital, In this article, we’ll explore how our custom-made design and digital solutions have helped these brands step up their online game, by offering structured, engaging and seamless user experience.

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BSW IRO – traditional craftsmanship for a modern era.

BSW are the UK’s largest forestry group, and member of Binderholz – Europe’s leading timber processing operation. 

IRO is created with a traditional method of Japanese wood preservation – Yakisugi – where the wood is charred to give a beautiful and tactile finish. 100% natural timber can be used in innovative, imaginative ways to breathe new life into both internal and external spaces.

We created a new website for BSW to reflect this.

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By charring the surface of the wood without combusting the whole piece, the carbonisation process makes it water-proof and is more durable too. It also protects against insects, as well as making the wood fire retardant.

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Owning a colour in your sector

In its sector, IRO own this vibrant yellow. Embedding the colour into the website means that over time, through repeated exposure and careful brand management, colour becomes strongly associated with the IRO brand in the minds of the buyer. The key is to choose a colour that not only stands out from competitors, but also aligns with the brand’s personality and message. By doing so, IRO as a brand has developed a strong visual identity to enhance recognition and loyalty.

Range specifier

The range specifier allows users to quickly narrow down their search to products within a specific price or quality range, saving time and effort in finding suitable options. IRO has a wide variety of products, specifications and colour – the online specifier helps prevent users being overwhelmed by too many choices. 
It provides a more personalised digital experience, leading to higher conversion rates and customer loyalty. 
The data gathered from users’ range selections provides valuable insight into market trends and customer preferences.

Case studies

Real-life examples of show how IRO has been successfully implemented. This builds credibility and trust among potential customers, where tangible results reveal the value of the products in a concrete context. These well presented product case studies offer the opportunity to showcase the versatility and adaptability of IRO across various applications, and serve as a source of inspiration too.

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Iconography suite

Custom icons provide a visually appealing and intuitive way to represent products, features, and categories, making it easier for users to navigate the site and understand its content at a glance. This visual simplicity helps in reducing cognitive load, allowing users to process information quickly and efficiently.

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Producing video content for a trade product website yields significant benefits, offering a dynamic and engaging way to showcase products and services. Video provides an immersive experience, allowing potential customers to see products in action and gain a better understanding of their features, benefits, and applications. This can lead to a higher likelihood of purchase. The IRO videos convey a strong BSW message, and get across unique selling points of their products in a compelling and memorable way. These videos were produced to be highly shareable, and increase IROs reach and visibility on social media platforms, driving more traffic to the site.

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Blog posts

The IRO new section provides a platform to share valuable content related to the industry, products, and services. This educational aspect helps establish the brand as a thought leader and a reliable source of information – fostering trust and credibility. Regularly updated blog posts also improve SEO – search engines favour websites with fresh, relevant content, increasing the site’s visibility and organic traffic.

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By providing easy access to a network of distributors, users can quickly find where to purchase products, obtain local support, and receive timely delivery. This section was also designed to gather valuable data on customer location and preferences, aiding in market analysis and strategic planning.

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A scrolling gallery of key installations
tell a visual story.
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Competitions incentivise users to visit the website more frequently, potentially increasing website traffic and customer loyalty. Through contests and giveaways, IRO showcase new or existing products, create a buzz and awareness in a fun and interactive way. This strategy also encourages social sharing, as participants often share competitions with their network. This data can be used for future marketing strategies serving as an effective tool for future customer engagement, and market research.

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Installation guides.
Simple, stress-free, effective.
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User guides and resrouces help customers fully utilise and appreciate the features and capabilities of IRO.

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The product calculator offers customers a tailored experience to estimate costs, quantities, and performance metrics specific to their needs. This tool enhances decision-making, and increases user engagement.

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The FAQ section improves user experience by providing quick access to important information. It enhances SEO through relevant content, and demonstrates a proactive approach to customer service, fostering trust and credibility in the IRO brand.

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