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Balancing Beauty and Science

Adina Cosmetics Ingredients are innovators within the beauty industry. The team of experts present 650 different ingredients and work with brands to provide top solutions for beauty and personal care projects. We collaborated with Adina to craft a website that not only showcases their innovation and expertise but also creates a seamless user journey.

Check out the website here.

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End-to-End Development

Our in-house design and development team got set on expanding the features, functionality and brand identity of Adina’s current site. The core focus included: 

A multi-faceted website: Adina’s website needed to be versatile whilst demonstrating each formulation in a more aspirational way. 

Improved integration: Their old site was limiting and caused issues managing content and the ingredient information so, this needed to be vastly improved. 

Balancing beauty and science: Adina’s distinctive emphasis on blending beauty and science deserved a website design that harmoniously fused elegance, style, and technical sophistication. 

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A Clean Build

Given Adina’s extensive range of ingredients, the website needed new intricate filtering options, so that users could swiftly locate what they were looking for. By using the Winman API we were able to pull in each of the 650 ingredients with ease, making formulations quicker and easier to produce than ever. We focused on creating an intuitive accounts section that underscored our commitment to prioritising user-friendly design principles. This ensured effortless navigation and accessibility.

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Blending Aesthetics and Science

Adina primarily serves users with high purchase intent, seeking solutions promptly. Our designers purposefully united the visual allure of beauty products with the precision of scientific elements. Despite the complexity of Adina’s offerings, we upheld our commitment to design simplicity.

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