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Taking indie games to the next level

Berlin-based Prismatika is a boutique game publisher specialising in bringing new indie games to the market. The boundless creativity at the core of their work was not truly reflected in their existing website, so they chose to partner with a like-minded agency to bring their vision to life.

Together, we sought to create a high-octane yet professional website that echoed their creativity and expertise.

Visit the new site here.

Prismatika Pinboard 01
A complete digital transformation

Our design team was armed with Prismatika’s established, yet fun, brand identity and got straight to work on developing this into a dynamic digital world. It was crucial that we put emphasis on their typeface to capture the indie feel that they knew really resonated with their partners. In the meantime, we teased a holding page to build anticipation for what’s to come.

Prismatika Pinboard 02
Playfulness at the core

The aim was for the website to serve as a digital portfolio, showcasing their games in all their glory whilst maintaining their strong brand identity. This meant crafting a clean, simple layout that placed the games front and centre, whilst our developers added lively, interactive elements to enrich the user experience. Ensuring this same playful energy seamlessly transitioned onto mobile platforms was key.

Prismatika Pinboard 03

The entire project was a true team effort, fueled by our mutual love for gaming. The end result? A colourful, immersive website that captivates their prospective players.

See for yourself, visit the new site here.

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