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A illustrated dog-man sits in a fiery room with an expression like everything is fine although it is not fine

Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association (PBFA)

The Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association (PBFA), is a UK based bookselling association that organises fairs across the country, designed to assist in the trade of rare and antiquarian books. The PBFA wanted a full website redesign that would capture the unique character of its brand, and allow the easy management of content and memberships.


The Framework Design team began by creating a new look and feel for the website. PBFA wanted to bring its offering into the digital world and wanted the site to better convey its personality. Our designers worked on creating a site that was engaging and eye-catching, using colour and texture to create a more unique experience. Illustrations of cats and mice were provided by artist Mark Hearld, scanned, and utilised across the site to add character and personality. 


 It was important that the site was accessible and easy to navigate, so the overall design was kept clean, spacious and digestible.  


Development work began to update the PBFA website. Initially the site was built on an online CRM, however this had become outdated, so the Framework Design development team built a new Laravel system for PBFA that would allow them to project the values of the association, as well as manage their members moving forward. The Laravel site allows content management and provides access for members who are able to book their place at fairs and pay their subscriptions. The site also has the capability to generate in depth reports, and allows administrators to invoice and manage members. The system was made highly accessible and intuitive so that it was easy for the PBFA committee to use. 


The Framework Design team also attended local PBFA book fairs to take photographs of the set up and of people browsing the books on offer. These images were then prepared and enhanced in post production and then used across the website.


Framework Design have also worked with PBFA to provide SEO services for its website. PBFA were looking for a way of generating more awareness of the association and its fairs, and of increasing high quality traffic to the website. The digital marketing team has worked with PBFA to improve the technical SEO, improving page speed, implementing structured metadata and schema, and much more. This has resulted in an increase in traffic, driving more people to the PBFA fairs and books pages. Our team is continuing to work with the PBFA to fulfil their long term goals. 


“Framework have always been friendly, approachable and creative. They have helped us establish a fresh identity"

David Maynard, PBFA