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A kindsight business card in brown


Kindsight is an NHS approved expert mobile opticians service who travel to patients who may struggle to visit a physical store. Kindsight is dedicated to providing a convenient and flexible service, with their aim being to ensure that everyone can have access to improved vision and stylish eyewear.  Kindsight wanted a full brand refresh to help them stand out in the marketplace, and a full set of brand guidelines.

The Framework Design team began by running sessions with Kindsight to better understand their business, ethos, goals, and what makes them unique. From there, the team was able to produce a distinctive brand identity that stood out whilst also supporting Kindsight’s key company values of dignity and integrity. 

The before and after shots of the Kindsight brand
The Kindsight logo in black font on white background

Our designers produced a primary colour palette consisting of brown, blue, and green shades inspired by different eye colours. These can be used to create different versions of the same piece of stationery or packaging and then given to customers with the corresponding eye colour as a personal touch. 

The brown Kindsight colour palette information
The green kindsight pantone colour information
The blue Kindsight colour information
The kindsight paper bags in brown, green and blue with a black coffee sat to the left of them

Additionally, the team created a clean and elegant logo that can also be shortened into a brand marque and used on social media posts or as a textured background on marketing materials.

The kindsight logo on brown card with a pair of brown spectacles below

Kindsight’s new branding helps them to stand out and provide a more personal experience for their customers. The soft colours, clear typography and positive imagery help to emphasise the friendliness and professionalism of the team.

The Kindsight business cards in green, brown and blue

With Kindsight having approved their new branding, we provided them with a set of guidelines so that they could easily distribute details of the brand to staff and any outside parties the business might work with in the future. The guidelines were provided as a pdf file to allow easier distribution and storage. 

The kindsihgt brand guidelines

We are currently working on curating a video for Kindsight to showcase its services. Keep an eye out for updates here. 

The Kindsight brochure and a staff name badge in brown
The Kindsight logo on the side of a white card
Kindsihgt business cards in steely blue

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