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Lurex® is the leading worldwide registered brand for metallic yarns. Since 1947, Lurex® have been producing materials for use in all manner of clothing, from the everyday, to film, to the runway. The company was looking for a complete website refresh to modernise the design of their site, and make their extensive range of products easier to browse and search.

Combined shots of the Lurex website

The Lurex® website was in need of a refresh and the team wanted a more sophisticated experience that would mirror their status as trusted industry leaders. The Framework Design team started off by looking at Lurex’s® original website and running sessions with the client to understand more about the company and what they wanted to achieve. The overall goals for the new site were to implement a better way of showcasing Lurex’s® vast range of products, and to provide a more brand-led experience for their visitors. 

A screen shot of the Lurex Yarns menu
A screen shot of the Lurex 'why use Lurex'
Eco- Friendly sustainability Lurex

Our design team got to work on designing a site that would display all of the Lurex® product offering in a form similar to a catalogue, making it easier for visitors to search through and find specific types or colours of yarns. More space was also dedicated to company information so that visitors could learn more about the company, it’s values and how it works. 

The Lurex website shown on both desktop layout and mobile

The Framework Design photographers completed product photography for Lurex®. The products consisted of different coloured yarns wound into bobbins. We photographed 1,600 individual pieces which were then prepared and enhanced in post production to make them ready for use on the website. The photographs were the perfect way to showcase Lurex’s® high-quality products and set them apart from its competition.

A screen shot of the Lurex knitting highlights page
The lurex Inspirations landing page
The lurex 'explore our inspiration' banner
An image of the Lurex yarn information screen
Lurex- Yarn made for designers banner
A screen shot of the Bourdon Gimp Special Effect collection

Development work began on the site to implement the new designs and begin the import of over 2,500 product images, including yarn swatches. Our development team built a full custom product search which was designed to allow users to easily search through all of Lurex’s® products.

The Lurex yarn description images showing yarn types

Additionally, the Framework Design developers built a full custom product importer which allows the products to be categorised and filtered automatically, and would make adding future products a much easier process.

Lurex shots of the yarn inspiration landing page, the yarn search page and contacts page

There were also custom cursor actions added and custom slide transitions used for the products to give the site more interactivity.