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We’re honoured to support Let’s See The Code (LSTC), an initiative set up by Chris Kemp to bring developers of all levels together to celebrate one thing – code.

Development as a profession is exciting but, with the rise of remote work paired with long hours sitting in front of a screen, it can also be quite isolating. We’re incredibly grateful at Framework to have a collaborative studio space where our team can come together daily to share ideas and learn from each other, but we know that it’s not always the case for many.

LSTC’s mantra is “Connect. Collaborate. Code.”

It’s a safe and supportive space for curious coders to scratch that itch by honing existing skills, learning new ones and reigniting their passion for code outside the restrictions of the day job.

The LSTC community exists both online and offline, officially launching with their first hybrid event in Nottingham City Centre on 18th March – sponsored by yours truly!

lstc venue

Unlike existing developer events in the space, LSTC champions collaboration and experimentation where the code is the star of the show.

The meet-up will feature live demonstrations from developers at a variety of levels.

Developers will also get the opportunity to take part in interactive code reviews where they can showcase their projects, explain their code and give their valuable feedback.

There’ll also be free food provided throughout the night!

Event details:

Monday 18th March @ 18:30 at The Canal House, Nottingham, UK.

Sign up and get your free ticket for the event here.

Find out more about the initiative on the lstc website and github.

Join the online community on Twitch or Patreon.

Follow lstc on X for updates.

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