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Improve Your Marketing By Deleting Social Media.


Improve Your Marketing By Deleting Social Media.

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Marketing is an essential part of running a business, and social media is no longer an option; it’s a fundamental tool to reach clients, gain valuable insights and grow your brand.

If the covid 19 lockdowns have taught us anything about the survival of our businesses, it’s that our online presence is a vital component to our marketing strategies. If you’re a business who feels behind in the social media mania, don’t worry! It really is not too late.

We live between the two worlds of marketing: The old school and new school.

Examples of the old school would be advertisements in printed media such as magazines, leaflets, posters, newspapers or face to face local networking. All of which have their value, and have evolved to hold their own in today’s world. The new school marketing, of course, is predominantly the internet and social media. It can be an overwhelming task to keep on top of all marketing approaches with fresh ideas.

In our lifetime we have already witnessed a huge shift in how we engage with media and online marketing strategies. Marketing has evolved so quickly, a bit of trial and error is needed to find what works best for our business.

Restart, Reboot and Refresh Your Online Presence

Think of your social media as your shop window. Does it have ‘curb appeal’? Does it visually express your brand voice? Does it give an interesting insight to your business? What is your competition doing? Whos’ socials are doing well and why?

Social media standards have been raised drastically during the past 3 years. We would recommend taking simple steps such as deleting old, uninspiring posts and reposting the most relevant ones again gradually with updated commentary. Moreover, it would be an ideal time to take new staff, product or office photos and refresh your business logo.

Deleting all your old posts and story highlights etc to start again may sound drastic but starting afresh may be a nifty tactic. Look at it as a good Spring clean, giving you a chance to rethink the foundations to rebuild your brand identity. You will not lose the followers you have gained over the few years; in fact, the chances are most will never notice. However, you will gain a lot more followers once you plan your posts with quality content, post regularly and consistently.

Take a hard look at the social media platforms your business is (and will) do best in. You most likely already have Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter, so the next stage would be to pick your battles and decide if they need improvement, growth or removing. Simplicity and consistency are key, so do one or two platforms well instead of doing several badly.

Once these are looking smarter, you can move onto building your other more specialised platforms, remembering that your social media should always effectively point towards your online HQ, such as your website. The goal is to get your brand voice to work harmoniously across all online platforms.

Need some extra help? Here at Framework, we help businesses with their branding, build bespoke websites and generate ideas for your visual identity.

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