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After the impact of COVID19, a brand refresh is just what your restaurant needs.

Restaurant Rebrand – HEADER Image

After the impact of COVID19, a brand refresh is just what your restaurant needs.

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Over the past two years, the world has changed perhaps irrevocably due to COVID-19. Sadly the hospitality industry has been one of the greatest affected, forcing brands to be more creative and imaginative with their offerings, whilst taking huge financial hits. 

We are now in the aftermath of the pandemic, where bars and restaurants have reopened and our high-streets are becoming recognisable again. To support our hospitality sector we have tailored a package that will offer clients a ‘face-lift’ for their brands and interiors, that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. 

We treat each project on an individual basis, but to give you an idea of what will be involved, here’s an example of a typical brand interiors refresh package:



The initial phase of the project would focus on gathering as much information as possible to ensure the very best solution without ‘breaking the bank.’

Key deliverables

  1. Discovery
    Discovery meeting to gather a full project specification and additional background information, brand assets and a clearly defined narrative.
  2. Site Visit
    Initial site survey to gain first hand experience of the current space and better space planning.
  3. Analysis
    Survey analysis and recommendations on where improvements can be made.



Building on the evaluation and recommendations, we would produce conceptual visuals, illustrating how the revised space could look if the changes were adopted. This would result in providing a ‘light touch’ solution that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

Key deliverables

  1. Environmental Graphics
    (incl. Menu design and signage).
  2. Interior Dressing
  3. Ideas for Furniture, Fixtures & Lighting. 
  4. Ideas for Furniture , Fixtures & Lighting.
    (incl. Artwork and props)

As an agency, Framework Design have a collective wealth of creativity and design knowledge. This means that we are all fully involved in all aspects of the branding and aesthetics of food & beverage spaces; from brand design and digital design, to interior design and graphics. The brands we create and environments we build are devised around the belief that a brand should always be consistent and aligned over all platforms. 

We would love to hear from you and to discuss how we may be able to support you in reviving your brand…

Head of Interior Design, Amanda, works on a project, she holds up a small fabric sample in her left hand and an apple mac screen shows a building plan

Would you like to refresh your restaurant, bar or cafe now that COVID restrictions have been lifted? Give us a call or drop us an email and we would be happy to talk to you about your vision.

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