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THREADS: Brands are already Threading and thriving. Is it time to boycott Twitter?

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THREADS: Brands are already Threading and thriving. Is it time to boycott Twitter?

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After much anticipation, Instagram has finally launched its social app to rival Twitter – ‘Threads’ – and the digital war between the two platforms has officially begun. Through his own ‘Thread’, Mark Zuckerberg has already revealed the app had passed 10 million users in the first 7 hours! Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, top users have reportedly been tweeting less and the value of the platform has plummeted by almost two-thirds. Threads could be the tipping point.


Many new ‘Threaders?’ have taken to the platform to voice their opinions on the new app. It’s social media carnage out there, full of digs at Twitter and chaotic memes with top brands and famous faces already making their mark on the new platform. Here’s some of our favourite Thread debuts: 


And what’s going on over on Twitter you ask? Not much, just Mark Zuckerberg tweeting for the first time in 11 years:


Meanwhile, how is Elon feeling?

So far, Threads is proving itself to be a dynamic, wholesome platform. With no trending or news feature, users are simply enjoying the new community and having a laugh with it, for now…

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