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Will, Junior Developer



Now then…

Tell us a bit about your education and work prior to joining Framework…

When I was younger, I started working in pubs in London and Nottingham over the summer which was a lot of fun.  I went to the University of Derby where I studied Computer Science and when I graduated I applied at Framework. My development skills and ability to partake in competitive Fifa matches at lunch, has meant that I’ve settled into the team really well!

What’s a career moment you’re most proud of?

Honestly, graduating from University with a degree in a subject that I’ve always wanted to pursue and obtain a formal qualification in. It was exciting. But professionally, I would say it would be landing this job straight out of University. The unemployment rate for recent graduates is at the highest it has been in a long time, so I do feel very lucky.

Tell us about your career goals

I’d like to continue working as hard as I can up to a senior position and would at some point within the next 10 years relocate to Manchester or London.

What are your hobbies?

I’m pretty boring, honestly. I enjoy messing around with making games in my free time although I’ve never worked on anything noteworthy, more “technical demos”. August to May is my favourite time of the year as it’s football season and I try to catch as many games from the Premier League and Championship as possible. I’ll also never say no to a beer and a few games of Fifa.

Tell us an interesting fact about you!

I can rap really fast, although I’ll usually only do it after a few drinks.

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