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Team member, Robin Pillar



Hi there!

Tell us a bit about your employment history…

Prior to joining Framework, I was working towards my PhD in developing magnetic materials for wind turbine applications. Buuttt I hated it. So I left that and completed a 12-week coding boot camp called Northcoders, instead. It was there that I learnt about website and app development which led me to impress the team and land myself a job at Framework Design. The rest is history…

What are you proud of achieving in your career?

I’ve been really proud that I’ve been able to progress and learn as much as I have even though most of my Framework life so far has been spent working from home. It’s typical I started a new job the same time the world started a pandemic, but, the team has been amazingly supportive during this time and let’s face it, we’re all a bit bored working from home now! 

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I spend a lot of time baking and then exercising and hiking so I can eat all the things I bake. It’s a vicious circle really. Soon I’ll have to walk in my sleep, or maybe just curb the baking. Tough call. 

My one and only scar was given to me by my brother who threw a boomerang which flew back and hit me on the head. I never saw it coming. 

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