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Junior Marketing Executive

Team member, Rachel Green


Junior Marketing Executive

Hello there!

Tell us about your employment history…

I studied at the University of Worcester and completed a BA hons degree in English Literary Studies. From there, I became interested in marketing because of the creativity that it allows, and the constant evolution of the industry and changing trends really piqued my interest. I ended up working as a marketing coordinator at a software company and completed a level 3 digital marketing apprenticeship during this time. After two and a half years at that company, I decided to look for an agency-side job because I was really interested in the dynamic of working on different projects for a range of different clients. I joined the Framework team in October 2020 as a Junior Marketing Executive!

What are you proud of achieving in your career so far?

I am proud of completing my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship to a distinction level.  One of the highlights of my career though has been relocating and joining the Framework team! When I left my previous job, it was because I wanted to spread my wings and work on a variety of projects alongside a larger team with whom I could learn from and grow with, and this job certainly offers that. I am lucky enough to be working with a great bunch of talented people who always encourage me to keep evolving and learning. 

What are your goals for the future?

I want to keep learning and developing my skills so that I can take on more responsibility over time. I would like to evolve into a senior role eventually.
I would love to work with some big global brands, especially in the realms of beauty and fashion. I think there’s a lot of scope for creativity and pushing the boundaries in these industries. 

Tell us about some of your hobbies

I love doing escape rooms! They are one of my favourite activities because I love the surprise of seeing what the room has in store. I once did an amazing X-Men themed room in Bucharest, it had 3 different rooms inside it, including a room filled with lasers that you had to spy-style manoeuvre through! I also love to bake in my free time, I have a real sweet tooth so anything cakey is usually on my list to try. During the COVID lockdown, I’ve been watching a lot of cheesy B-movies, and aspiring to create one of the most visually stunning islands ever seen on Animal Crossing New Horizons! 

Share a fun fact about you!

People in my hometown are pretty used to this as he is a local to the area – but I have served Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin) in a couple of my cafe weekend jobs as a teenager! A really lovely guy who does a lot for the community.

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