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Account Manager



Account Manager

Hello, Priyaa here!

Tell us about your employment history…

As a visual communication and business IT graduate, I have always been an inquisitive individual in terms of my career path, the question “what I could have” was frequently wearily existent at the top of my mind, leading me to explore all types of industries with the sanguine intention to discover my true passion for my aspiring career goals and I am proud to say, it worked. From my first job as a sandwich artist at subway through to a catalog specialist at amazon and as an operations manager and digital marketing coordinator, the result of my diverse careers was a significant experience that I would go on to utilize in the future and clarity towards my profound interests in account management after social contact with clients…

Tell us about some achievements you’re proud of..

I would certainly say that I’m proud of how I was able to develop my career in my field of passion whilst still exploring my career path. I opened my own baby photography concern “Candytoez Portraiture” due to my dote for children after completing an NVQ level 3 in childcare for my own daughter as a young mother. Since I am a foodie who embraces the art of international cuisine, I became motivated to start my own customized catering company that served customer’s needs, both these companies did exceptionally well at the time and uncloaked my entrepreneurial instincts which I would continue to use for the rest of my career.
Last but not least, as per the saying “right things happen at the right time”, to me joining frameworks was destiny, and I have cherished it ever since!

What do you like to do in your free time?

As a proactive challenge seeker, I always find ways to live on the edge, I love to travel and hope to savour all the world’s most enjoyed delicacies one day. In my spare time, I make sure I live in the moment, after all, you only live once…
I enjoy cooking, and listening to podcasts, I am a dancer and as a child, I embraced my cultural roots by specializing in the dance form Bharatanatyam, it allowed me to express myself in a powerful and exertive manner that words could not describe and most of all my time is consumed by my bond with my lovable daughter who I adore everyday…

Tell us a fun fact about you..

Some petite surprising facts about me include my ability to cook a 3-course meal in twelve minutes (Timed with a stopwatch!) which is luckily edible to date . I am a sovereign friends series fan/addict and I have watched all seasons completely 5 times- still counting knowing most of the dialogue by heart!