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Junior Account Executive

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Junior Account Executive


Tell us a bit about your employment history so far…

I started at Framework in 2021 shortly after graduating from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Fashion Communication & Promotion. Before this I worked at Nandos for five years whilst studying and definitely ate my body weight and more in garlic bread!

Tell us about some of the achievements you’re proud of.

I’d say a big achievement would be landing such a great job here at Framework, within a month of graduating. My transition into the world of work was made much easier by the team and once I’d won Win’s approval I knew I was in the right place!

In 2021 I won the Nottingham Young Creatives Award for Graphic Design which I am very proud of. Whilst design isn’t my day to day role it definitely helps to have that level of understanding when managing projects through.

I also used to be a figure skater and brought home numerous trophies. However, showing off at Winter Wonderland every year has left me face down on the floor many times; but I blame the blue plastic skates of course…

What are your professional and/or personal aspirations?

I always thought I wanted to go down the design route however since working within Accounts I feel I am much better suited to this role as it is so versatile. Traveling around the world is another aspiration of mine and luckily Account Management can allow for this.

What’s your favourite pastime?

The staff at my gym now greet me personally so I feel like that justifies calling myself a regular at the gym right? If I’m not at the gym I’m probably either socialising, out for food or falling asleep 20 minutes into a film after spending an hour deciding what to watch.

What is an interesting fact about yourself or your best party trick?

I can do the ‘worm,’ very well. However, I am yet to do it in the office so it is currently an unverified skill…

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